1. Preferred Supplier Relationships

LTA Central has enhanced commission programs with fifty-plus world-class travel suppliers. Simply stated, you will have opportunities for and access to enhanced pricing and enhanced commissions. There is also an opportunity to receive higher commissions with non-preferred suppliers.

2. Education, Training and Networking

LTA Central members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of national, regional and local educational, training and networking events. LTA Central is the exclusive host for some events and an active participant in others. We particularly like to focus on industry events that provide opportunities for agents and suppliers to meet and network one-on-one.

3. Network-Funded, Network-Managed Consumer Marketing Programs

LTA Central has access to one of the most productive, efficient and generous consumer marketing programs in the industry. Virtually all LTA Central direct mail and email projects are 100% funded and managed by Leisure Travel Alliance. Once you provide LTA with your customer data, they will, at their expense, have it cleaned, formatted, enhanced and appended with state-of-the-art demographic and lifestyle data at the household level. If you don’t have a formatted customer list or database, we will even help you produce one.LTA customizes all direct mail and email projects by individual agent, they manage design and production; and, they manage and fund distribution (including the cost of postage for direct mail).

4. Technology

Everything about LTA Central and its preferred suppliers comes together at www.AccessLTA.com. Access LTA is Leisure Travel Alliance’s exclusive, password-protected member Extranet and portal. The Extranet site is logically designed for travel agents; navigation is a snap. Every LTA Central preferred supplier has been assigned an exclusive module on Access LTA. All pertinent information and day-to-day tactical offers can be found in one place. In addition, it provide links to all of preferred supplier booking engines. You can see product information, commission offers, tactical offers and promotions, and launch booking operations, all from one platform. LTA Central is strictly in the business of providing technology that links consumers to agents and agents to suppliers. LTA Central does not solicit or accept direct consumer inquiries.