1. What types of agencies or agents do you accept as members?

LTA Central welcomes experienced, productive agencies and agents whether you are a traditional storefront agency, a home-based business, ARC-appointed or non-ARC. We also offer an opportunity for individuals looking to become a travel agent with our travel institute.

2. Do you accept Independent Contractors (ICs) as members?

Yes, We are  a host agency and therefore can directly support ICs. You are not required to have your own industry ID.

3. When I fill out the information form on this site, have I joined?

No. The online form is used to gather basic information about you. When you submit the form, we will contact you to discuss our programs. If we meet your criteria and you meet ours, we will be happy to assist you in completing our full membership application.

4. Once the paperwork is completed, how long is it before I become a member?

Once we have your full application, we add you to the membership rolls immediately. We also advise our preferred suppliers that you are a member.

5. If I made a booking with a preferred supplier prior to joining LTA Central, do I get LTA Central enhanced commission?

In this case a large number of our supplies have a booking transfer procedure. We can help you communicate with the supplier and where applicable they will transfer the bookings.